Things have been clicking along around these parts (despite not keeping my promise to myself about updating once a week – I have a good excuse!).  I did a shop model but don’t have a photo yet (mental note – do that.) – it’s a vest made of alpaca.  It makes a really lovely fabric and not to sound cocky, but the vest came out nicely (that’s more due to the pattern I think).

I’ve been organizing a yarn swap which has been a lot of fun actually.  When I first started, I figured if ten people signed up for it, I would consider it a success.  We have 32 (including myself) swapping.  I sent out a questionnaire on Wednesday and already, I have about a third of them returned.  The sooner I get them all back, the sooner I can match people up and send out the names.

I did my first ‘for payment’ knitting job recently.  A friend of a co-worker wanted a Christmas stocking copied so I did that.  I should have dropped a needle size but… my co-worker liked it a lot so that made me happy.  I’ve yet to be paid for it 😦 but I have faith that I will.  I hope.

Proof that I am nuts, I got another ball of yarn to swatch for a Vermont Fiber sweater pattern (a swing jacket).  The pattern is delish and the yarn isnt’ bad either (Jo Sharp DK Tweed – which is actually a lovely yarn so far).  I didn’t bring my needles in (boo) because I really do have other knitting to get working on instead (oh yeah, and that pesky work stuff).

Christmas knitting:  well, it’s not going all that well and the clock is ticking…. I still don’t know what I’m doing for Laura and Mom’s lace project is going PAINFULLY slow.  But I think I’ll stick with it (until it gets to crunch time and I chuck it for another non-knit *gasp* project).  Dad’s is the only one I have nailed down (not finished mind you, but decided on and started even), but that isn’t going fast either.  UGH!

I still have a shop model on needles at home – gotta get going on that.  It’s Manos silk blend which makes a beautiful fabric.   I just had a falling out with the project after I had to tear a bunch of it out.  *sigh*  This weekend, I’ll re-evaluate it and go from there.

Bit the bullet and purchased yarn for a sweater for me.  It’s a donagel tweed (Tahki) in a dark blue but also picked up some Jo Sharp brown and olive green for some trim in it.  I think it will be a lovely bang around sweater.  That’s the plan anyway.

That’s all for now, but I hope to be back soon with some progress or at the very least an update from the resistance.


Wasn’t I writing about holiday knitting just a few posts ago?  Lord I hope it wasn’t LAST post (I’ll have to check that and feel appropriate shame if it was).  At least I’m talking about holiday knitting in August and not trying to cram it all in in say, November or worse, December.

But I have plans I tell ya.  I know what I’m doing (mostly) for the family and beauty, someone I was going to make something for has a birthday in January so if all else fails, I will just bump that to some post-holiday, pre-birthday knitting for my girl in Rockford.  Dad’s double knit headband is clicking along (call me nuts, but I dig doing double knitting – maybe it’s the chart or obsessive counting I do).  Mom’s present will take the longest – I figured if I can get a repeat done a week, that should do me.  I’ll have a better idea of how long it will take me once I get back into doing it a little more consistently.  Laura on the other hand, well her present has gone through like 7 forms.  I am pretty sure  I know what I’m doing for her (hence the mostly) and should be able to maybe even start that once Dad’s is done.  Alas all those have to wait for me to get a Christmas stocking done for a co-worker (long story) and a back burner project that will soon be an oil fire project if I don’t get moving.

Now here comes the promises part.  I’ve left my personal blog (well my other personal blog) feeling unloved and unused and I’m sure Yarnstories has, at one time or another, thought it had been abandoned (yes, I’m making my journals have feelings.  Shut it.) and I want that to change.  I’ve not been writing much lately anywhere… but here is my promise for Yarnstories: at least once a week blog about knitting.  I don’t care if it’s just a status report on presents or other projects…something will go in this big pretty blog once a week (hey look, I’ve got this week down!).  If I can do that, maybe I’ll reward myself with some noncommittal knitting.  Positive reinforcement works for me.

I hear that new Savoy yarn calling……

I’ve been a knitting fool lately and it’s paid off! I finished the blue sweater for the shop that I’ve been working on. It think it turned out pretty well.

blue top down cardi

I hear it’s selling the pattern and lots of yarn. I call that a success.While I was working on that, I decided, why not take a class? Yeah, stupid move. But the class was something I wanted to take and the bag can now go with me on my vacation (tomorrow!).

Before I felted it, I wondered how this

this would be cool.

see, I hoped it would all come together. And what do you know?

Muzzbear says he’s ready to go.

I wish I knew why my pictures all seem to have a slightly fuzzy look to it. I must be shakier than I thought.

I’ve also been working on a lace scarf. It’s no where being finished, but here is the progress I’ve made so far. It’s on size three needles and it’s sock weight. I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not going as fast as I want.

again with the blur. Ugh. I need to look into that.

Hopefully by the time I return, I’ll have more photos of knitting projects. And hopefully they are less shaky!

This weekend was supposed to be a grand knitting weekend. Wanted to get the blue sweater done (note to self, add take photos of blue sweater and lace), wanted to work on the lace scarf, wanted to pull out my sweater…. yeah, not much of that happened. I think I did two rows of knitting on the sweater and the scarf.

But, I did get my hands on some lovely silk lace weight yarn. What I’m going to do with it is beyond me…but it might be my travel project instead of socks. I also took part in something pretty groovy this weekend. A fella (well, his name is Franklin, but considering I spoke to him for roughly two minutes, I don’t want to imply that we are super buds) out of Chicago is doing a photo project called 1000 knitters. I was somewhere (if he decides to use my picture) around photo 325. I’m really hoping that he does something like a book with the photos. I’d buy it. We even got Dad to sit for a shoot. He’s still shy about knitting in public, but he’s very good at it (knitting I mean).

It’s back to work for me…the network is back up. Rats.

This entry was going to be titled “why on earth do I knit for the holidays?” but I thought better of it. I like knitting for holiday presents. I mean I got some knit socks for Christmas from Mom and I love them. But of course I do, she made them. And I know how much time those buggers take.

So I made presents for a few people this year. Sadly, I don’t have pictures of them all because I’m a dolt and forget to snap two of ’em. The first went out to Washington: mittens in green, white and silver (Everett Silvertip team colors) . The second went to Calgary: a hat in red and black (both Calgary Flames and Hitmen team colors). I got telephone calls indicating they were indeed a bit hit.

As I was working on the red and black hat, a co worker of mine saw it and coveted one of her own. So I made her one.

Forgive the shot from the kitchen counter. It was early in the morning and it was the best I could do. I gave it to her yesterday and she really liked it. I told her to bring it to work on Wednesday and I hope to get a picture of her wearing it.

After that, I got cranking on a scarf for a friend who is a big fan of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. Their team colors are black and orange. It screams Halloween. I understand she gets ribbed about it so a ribbed scarf seemed just the trick (or treat…get it?).

I hope she enjoys it. 🙂 Dad tried it on and it looks great on him (so much so Mom went to get yarn to make not one but two scarves in this pattern for herself).

So I’m done with holiday knitting for now. I need to get cooking on the top down sweater I’ve started for a shop model. It’s working up (in the small amount I have done) really nicely. More on that to come.

I’ve always hated the phrase “I wish there were more hours in the day” because millions of people get what they need to get done in 24 hours. I do, however, wish I had more time to knit.

To that end, I work in a yarn shop (“the barn” as it’s affectionately called) to support my buying habits and to learn as much as I can. I am happy to report, I am learning a ton. Just being there makes me feel like I’m a better knitter.

My hopes here are to log what I’m working on – and what I’ve purchased – in an effort to keep me honest. And working away to finish all those projects that just can’t get done!